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Catalogue Number Title Author
1. FICTION    
1000 Mansfield Park Austen, J.
1001 Sandition and Other Miscellanea Austen, J.
1002 Persuasion Austen, J.
1003 Northanger Abbey Austen, J.
1004 Sense and Sensibility Austen, J.
1005 Emma Austen, J.
1006 Pride & Prejudice An Annotated Edition Austen, J.
1007 Emma: translated to Japanese by K. Parker Austen, J.
1008 Emma: A Modern Retelling McCall Smith, A.
1009 Frederick & Elfrida Austen, J.
1010 Later Days at Highbury Austen-Leigh, J.
1011 History of England by a Partial, Prejudiced and Ignorant Historian Austen, J.
1012 Sandition – A Novel By Jane Austen and Another Lady Austen, J & Another Lady
1013 Mansfield Park: translated to Japanese by K Parker Austen, J.
1015 Life In The Country.  With quotations from Jane Austen and Silhouettes by her Nephew James Edward Austen-Leigh Ed: FJ Wellard, E Sutherland
1019 Jack and Alice (Juvenilia) Austen, J.
1020 A Collection of Letters (Juvenilia) Austen, J.
1023 A Visit to Highbury Austen-Leigh, J.
1024 Invitation to the Party Austen-Leigh, J.
1025 The Beautiful Casandra Austen-Leigh, J.
1026 Jane Austen’s “Sir Charles Grandison” Austen, J.
1032 Lesley Castle (Juvenilia) Austen, J.
1033 Minor Works, Vol. VI (ed. R. W. Chapman) Austen, J.
1034 The Lost Memoirs of Jane Austen James, S.
1036 Longbourne Baker, Jo
2000 Young Jane Austen: Becoming a Writer Pliscou, l.
2001 Jane Austen Lukas, V
2003 Jane Austen: A Life Nokes, D.
2004 A Memoir of Jane Austen by Her Nephew Austen-Leigh, J. E. (Folio ed)
2006 Jane’s Fame.  How Jane Austen Conquered The World Holman, P.
2009 A Goodly Heritage: A History of Jane Austen’s Family Tucker, G.H.
2010 Jane Austen and Her World Laski, M.
2011 Author’s Lives: On Literary Biography and the Arts of Language Honan, P.
2012 A Portrait of Jane Austen Cecil, D. (Lord)
2013 Jane Austen: The Parson’s Daughter Collins, I.
2014 Dear Jane: A Biographical Study of Jane Austen Pilgrim, C.
2016 Almost Another Sister Wilson, M.
2020 Jane Austen: Her Life Honan, P.
3002 Jane Austen and Her Art Lascelles, M.
3003 Jane Austen: A Reassessment Scott, P.M.
3004 Who’s Who In Jane Austen and The Brontes Leeming, G.
3005 Speaking of Jane Austen Kaye-Smith & Stern, G.B.
3006 An Understanding of Jane Austen’s Novels Odmark, J.
3007 Jane Austen and the Clergy Collins, I.
3008 Jane Austen: Real and Imagined Worlds MacDonagh, O.
3009 Jane Austen Sherry, N.
3010 Between Self and World: the Novels of Jane Austen Thompson, J.
3011 Critical Essays on Jane Austen Southam, B.C. (ed)
3012 More About Jane Austen Smith, K. & Stern, G.B.
3014 The Improvement of the Estate Duckworth, A. M.
3015 Jane Austen, Game Theorist Suk-Young Chwe, M.
3016 Jane Austen Jenkins. W.
3017 Jane Austen’s Novels: A Study in Structure Wright, A. H.
3018 Jane Austen and the State Evans, M.
3019 Jane Austen: Women, Politics, and the Novel Johnson, C. L.
3021 Letters To Alice on First Reading Jane Austen Weldon, F.
3022 Jane Austen Lauber, J.
3023 Jane Austen: A Collection of Critical Essays Watt. Ian (ed)
3024 Mr. Collins Considered: Approaches to Jane Austen Morris, I.
3025 Jane Austen and the War of Ideas Butler, M.
3028 Among The Janeites: A Journey through the World of Jane Austen Yaffe, D.
3039 The Errand of Form: Jane Austen’s Art Wiesenfarth, J.
3040 The Talk in Jane Austen Stovel, G. (ed)
3041 Jane Austen Tanner, T.
3043 Jane Austen Bush, D. G.
3044 Jane Austen Yasmine, G.
3045 So Odd A Mixture: Along The Autistic Spectrum Bottomer, P.
3046 Jane Austen: Antipodean Views Fullerton, S. & Harbers, A.
4000 Jane Austen: Selected Letters (1796-1817) Chapman, R. W. (ed)
4001 Jane Austen: My Dear Cassandra Hughes-Hallet (ed)
4002 A Governess in the Age of Jane Austen: The Journals and Letters of Agnes Porter Martin, J. (ed)
4003 Jane Austen’s Manuscript in Facsimile Modert, J. (ed)
4004 Jane Austen’s Letters LeFaye, D. (ed)
5000 The British Museum Cookbook Berriedale-Johnson, M.
5001 Jane Austen and Food Lane, M.
5002 Jane Austen in Style Walker, Susan
5003 In The Steps of Jane Austen Edwards, A. M.
5004 Jane Austen Fashion: Fashion and Needlework in the Works of Jane Austen Byrde, P.
5005 A Charming Place; Bath in the Life and Times of Jane Austen Lane, M.
5006 The Housekeeping Book of Susanna Whatman, S.
5008 What Jane Austen Ate and Dickens Knew Pool. C. D.
5009 Jane Austen’s World Lane, M.
5010 The National Trust Book of Great Houses of Britain Nicholson, N.
5012 Carlton House: The Past Glories of George IV’s Palace Queen’s Gallery
5013 Such Things As Please My Own Appetite:  Food and Drink in Jane Austen’s Time JASNA
5016 The Remarkable World of Francis Berkley: 1769-1845 Hill, B.
5018 Austen Country Howard, T.
5023 Fashion In The Time of Jane Austen Downing, S.J.
5024 Before Victoria: Changing Standards and Behavior 1787-1837 Jaeger, M.
5025 The Jane Austen Cookbook Black, M. & LeFay, D.
6000 “A Sort of Notch In The Donwell Estate”; Intersections of Status and Class in Emma Delany, P.
6001 My Aunt, Jane Austen Austen-Leigh, J.
6002 The Epistle as Epiphany: The Use of the Letter in Jane Austen Oriente, R.
6003 Jane Austen’s World Spankie, D.F.
6004 From Jurassic Park to Mansfield Park Howell, M.
6005 Sanditon: Jane Austen’s Unfinished Novel Jones, P. & Korman, M.
6006 Dining With The Darcy’s Sutherland, E.
6007 Searching For Feminism In the Early 19th Century; Sources in Jane Austen’s Emma Stebbings, J.
6008 Powers of Persuasion: Poetical and Political Metaphor in Austen Blenkhorn, D.
6009 A Comparison of the Theatricals in Mansfield Park by J. Austen and Tempest Tost by R. Davies McClelland, V. & Korman, M.
6010 Focalization in Austen’s Pride and Prejudice Cove, R.
6011 “Parental Tyranny”, “Filial Disobedience” and The French Revolution in Northanger Abbey Berg, B.
6012 To Have Sense or Sensibility … That Is The Question Malysh, N.
6013 Money and the Struggle for Status in Jane Austen McClelland, V.; McIntosh, P. & Oriente, J.
6014 Carriages in Jane Austen’s World: A Look at Coaching in Jane Austen’s Time Hansen, R.; Reynolds, J. & Savery, M.
6015 Jane Austen’s Use of Language as a Key to Discerning Truth in Emma Schoner, B.
6016 The Colonial Garden: Imperial Discourse and Nature in Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park Munro, S.
7001 Miss Jane Austen’s Guide to Modern Life’s Dilemmas
7002 Jane Austen’s Quiz and Puzzle Book Lane, M
7003 The Jane Austen Quiz Book Barton, H.
7004 101 Things You Didn’t Know About J. Austen Hannon, P.
7005 A Jane Austen Miscellany Ed. Cleary, K.H., Sommer, R.L.
7006 The Wit and Wisdom of Jane Austen Ed. Kerrington, M.

There are copies of Persuasions, the official annual JASNA publication, which are available.Note: R.W. Chapman is deemed to be the JASNA (Jane Austen Society of North America) standard. All persons presenting papers, or writing for publication in JASNA publications should endeavour to use Chapman page references. If you do not have Chapman, please contact the JASNA Vancouver Region.

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