Program of Events


JASNA VANCOUVER is very pleased to announce that on October 16th we will welcome members to an in-person meeting at our  meeting venue, St. Philip’s Anglican Church Fireside Room, 3737 West 27th Avenue, Vancouver. Thanks to all our members who attended our on-line meetings for the past year and a half.

Please join us to watch an exclusive video from the 2020 JASNA AGM with Douglas Murray from Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee. Professor Murray will speak on “The Female ‘Ramble Novel, Austen’s Juvenilia, and How We Read Pride and Prejudice.” Austen’s Juvenilia which contained a fascinating mix of whimsy and cheeky exuberance is a testament to the author’s literary confidence. The now-forgotten  ‘Female Ramble Novels’ from the second half of the 18th Century, argues Murray, were adopted by Austen in the creation of characters in her Juvenilia. Works like “The History of Sophia Shakespear” (1753) and “The Expedition of Little Pickle or the Pretty Plotter” (1792) also influenced Austen’s early mature fiction including “Pride and Prejudice” which actually contains a “ramble novel” embedded in the plot.

Douglas Murray, a five-time presenter at JASNA AGMs and at the Jane Austen Society of Australia, has penned essays for various Austen-related periodicals. He was one of the final Chawton Fellows at the Chawton House Library where he researched his JASNA 2020 presentation.

Please be well assured we intend to observe full Covid protocol for our members and guests for this meeting based on the guidelines and information from the Provincial Health Office. We will err on the side of caution in all decisions and initiate safety protocols such as the following:

  1. Those feeling ill or unwell should not attend;
  2. Members are strongly recommended to have received both doses of vaccine before attending in person;
  3. Masks must be worn during all indoor activity and for the duration of the meeting.

Registration is at 10:15 and the meeting kicks off at 10:30. The regular meeting fee of $5.00 for members is waived for first-time attendees.

As no food is allowed, we cannot gather for our much-loved potluck lunches however everyone may bring their own beverage in their own cup to drink during the meeting. The executive plans to consider resuming our lunches at a later date based on Covid information.

The next meeting dates are Nov. 13 and Dec. 11.

In November we  welcome Lindsey Seatter to speak on her recent dissertation “Imagining Publics, Negotiating Powers: The Parallel Evolutions of Romantic Social Structure and Jane Austen’s Free Indirect Discourse.” Ms. Seatter, who was awarded her PhD earlier this year, last spoke to us in 2018 about her fellowship at Chawton House in 2017. She was part of the same last group of fellows which included Professor Douglas Murray.