Program of Events

December 10th Meeting: Deconstructing the Austen Coverlet

Put on your party apparel and join us on Saturday, December 10, 10:30am in the Fireside Room at St Philips Anglican Church to celebrate Jane Austen’s 247th birthday. There will be a special pot-luck lunch, a birthday cake, the annual birthday toast and a fund-raiser prize draw for some great gifts. JASNA-Vancouver member, and experienced quilter Carole Wylie will present: ‘So much more than a bedcover; deconstructing the Austen coverlet”, a talk based on her own knowledge of the traditional skills used to make the Austen’s family quilt; plus, she will lead us in a ‘hands-on’ craft activity. (Note: To participate in some handwork during the presentation please bring your own kit of needle, thread and scissors. We will be cutting paper so leave your fabric scissors at home. Kitchen scissors are fine.)

On display will be a full-size replica of the original Austen quilt that is held at Chawton Cottage. If you have a patchwork or quilted item of your own, whether an heirloom, a gift or your own handiwork that you would like to show us, please bring it along. Do you have a special gift item you would like to donate to our draw? If so, please gift wrap it with a note as to its contents. Finally don’t forget to bring the exact change for the meeting fee, a side-dish or dessert to go with the baked ham main course, some spare change for the raffle tickets and members attending should wear their official JASNA-Vancouver name-tag.

To attend our meetings, be safe and be aware

Here is a highlight view of some of our safety recommendations for in-person meetings:

  • Those feeling ill or unwell should remain home.
  • Please stay at home if you have been sick and wait until you are asymptomatic for several days.
  • If returning from travel, please be circumspect of attending an in-person meeting within 14 days of returning.
  • It is optional to wear a face mask while indoors. Wearing masks in public indoor settings is not required.
  • We will go over safety guidelines in detail at the start of our meeting.

What do I do when I arrive?

Proceed to the registration table, and sign in with your name and preferred contact information: phone or email.

Meeting fee is $5, and exact change is appreciated as there is not enough float to make change.

If you have not collected it, you can find the table with your reusable name tag. Then take a seat at one of the tables.

If you need the accessible ramp entrance, please contact to confirm the directions.


Fall and Winter In-Person Meeting Dates

November 12, December 10, and February 11.


For more information:

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